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Born in Versailles, Florent Le Roux gravitated towards art and cinema since his childhood. After his graduation in a cinema school in Paris. He started to made his own productions as director and photographer.


Florent’s love of art, cinema, photography, design and architecture is inherent across his body of work. Inspired by drama and experimental cinema, and iconoclastic filmmakers such as Gaspard Noé, Pascal Laugier, Pedro Almodóvar and Julia Ducournau. Florent sets out to create films that are evocative and unrestrained by contemporary cinema. Beauty and style are expressed with wonder and inventiveness.


His debut short film “Wildest Dreams” with Taylor LaShae led to collaborations with several magazines, which quickly established Florent as a serious creative force. Since then, Florent has continued to work for severals magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Numéro, L’Officiel and Grazia.


Florent’s work showcases his instinctual ability to shoot both fashion and portraiture to consistently modern and elegant effect. His minimalist aesthetic and sophisticated use of lighting bring into sharp relief the beauty of his subjects.


Florent loves to combine photography with fashion videos, and scenography with music.


This is his way of living Art.




For all requests, services or informations, please contact me by the email below.


HD portfolio available on request.

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