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The photo shootings that I make allow my clients or artists to highlight their personalities or their products without excessive retouching (or on demand).

The photos are made out of paris or inside it. I work in studio light or natural and in RAW format (gross format of the image for a box).

At the end of the shooting, you will have a complete book or photos corresponding to your personality or to what you expect.

In addition, to show you my professionalism, I have already had the opportunity and the chance to do many magazine publications (print and digital) in several countries such as England, Italy, France, Germany, United States, and Canada).

I also had the chance to work as an assistant booker at the Digital Artists Agency, where I was in charge of the reception of models and comedians as well as to take pictures of them.


Therefore, I am well aware of the Agencies' expectations regarding the final rendering of the photos for a comedian or model book.



(Rates will be communicated by mail)


Shooting Fashion / Fashion + Video

Color / black and white, in natural light or studio, 25-30 photos in high definition Jpeg format + Teaser video : 1"00 (or more).


BOOK PHOTO - Model and / or Comedian


Color / black and white, in natural light or studio, 20 retouched photos in high definition Jpeg format.


Before the shoot :


-You send me by email what you want as photos or as a book. (Staff, model or comedian). -


Attention ! For minors, parental permission will be required.


-For the professional books of actors in Agency : The more neutral the clothes are, the better it is. Indeed, for this kind of book, I will focus primarily on facial expressions.

I will send you precise indications by email or sms.


For example : Important :


For the Book comedian


It takes several looks and facies :


- A youthful look / Teenager : color t-shirt (bright preferably), hair disheveled, light jeans, amused look, good friend, nice.


- A business man / woman look : suits, suits, heels, shoes classes, ... assured and determined look.


- A brigade / police look : black leather perfecto, gray t-shirt (at least neutral and quite dark), jeans ... Dark look.


- A look man / woman family (dad or mom) : tank top, light sweater (ideally a V-neck), ... look soothed, relaxed, affirmed ...


- A look that represents your personality : an outfit that represents you every day. Or, an outfit that you like to wear.


For professional mannequin books :


I only take women over 1m74 tall. And men from 1m83.

By the way, polaroids from you to the natural one will perhaps be asked you.

This information and criteria will be essential so that I can find inspiration according to your morphology and your face.



For the personal book :


No selection criteria are required. On the other hand, a simple picture of you can be a plus. Indeed, it will allow me to choose a theme or topic that will bring out your personality.

If you have ideas or themes that you want to do, do not hesitate to tell me.



The shooting process :


-You arrive, we choose together the outfits you made and their order to shoot. However, I will not wear makeup.


-We are doing the shooting.


-At the end of the shoot the payment will be made.



After the shooting :


-At the end of the day, I will send you by WeTransfer all the photos of the shoot.


-I will give me your choice of photos to edit, by sending me an email, the list of numbers of photos chosen (20 -30 photos maximum).


If you have any doubts about the choice of photos I remain at your disposal to help you make the selection.


-The retouched photos will be sent a maximum of 1 week after sending your list of choice by WeTransfer in high-definition Jpeg format.

Mail : flrdirector@gmail.com

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